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Pinnacle Peak Park

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Dear Friend,

The Friends of Pinnacle Peak Park want to thank you for supporting our fundraising efforts by making a contribution to our 2024 calendar initiative. This is an initiative that not only supports the park but also allows enthusiasts to bring a piece of its natural beauty into their homes. Here’s some information and key points regarding your wonderful donation:

1.     Fundraising Impact: The calendar fundraiser has been the cornerstone of the Friends of Pinnacle Peak Park's fundraising efforts for 15 years. This consistent support has enabled the organization to enhance the park in various ways, from educational programs to facility maintenance.

2.     Great Content: The 2024 calendar promises to be a visual treat for nature lovers. It features stunning images captured throughout the year, showcasing the park's beauty across different seasons. This not only highlights the park's allure but also serves as a way for people to connect with it throughout the year.

3.     Plan your Hikes and Events: Aside from its aesthetic value, the calendar is a great tool for individuals to organize their schedules. It provides ample space for recording events, appointments, and, notably, hiking plans, allowing park enthusiasts to schedule their outdoor adventures.

4.     Community Involvement: The calendar initiative fosters a sense of community among those who love Pinnacle Peak Park. By making a donation, supporters become active contributors to the park's well-being, creating a sense of ownership and pride.

Your support not only raises essential funds but also strengthens the connection between the community and the park, ensuring its beauty and activities are enjoyed for years to come!!

Thank you!

The Friends of Pinnacle Peak Park

Friends of Pinnacle Peak Park is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. All donations are tax-deductible.