Friends of

Pinnacle Peak Park

The Friends of Pinnacle Peak Park installed these steps so the ramada could be more easily accessed. Thank you Friends!


Friends of Pinnacle Peak Park Board:

  • Bill Amberg - Vice President
  • Tom Eye - Treasurer
  • Paul Diefenderfer 
  • lisa levey
  • Dick Luther
  • robert rando
  • ​Eric Repec

Ex Officio:

  • Yvonne Massman
  • John Loleit
  • Kelly Hayes

The ​Friends of Pinnacle Peak Park was founded to ensure the Park's ambiance is preserved for future users.  More than 240,000 visitors each year enjoy the beautiful trail and unsurpassed views that Pinnacle Peak offers.  The unparalleled beauty of the Sonoran Desert is captured magnificently at the Park, but like all desert areas, it is a fragile ecosystem. The Friends of Pinnacle Peak Park supports, preserves, and enhances the character of the Park in alignment with users' interests.

what we do

  • Provide support for the Park's environmental education programs.
  • Support the development of educational materials and programs for the benefit for the public
  • Expand training and recognition of the Park volunteers.
  • Produce a newsletter outlining Friends activities.
  • Support the development and maintenance of facilities appropriate for park users.